Friday, May 16, 2014

Open your eyes and start here fellow travelers!

Note: After the video text ends at the 1:10 mark , please then... 
CLOSE YOUR EYES and just listen...or watch TV or drink or whatever... Please, open your eyes, by simply closing them! (Aged and dull minds, like mine, will understand and mostly concur).

The song is by Synthetic Substance - However, the other text words are all mine. The point of this effort has since been long lost to me. The current global mess of circa 2016 (now 2018), is pretty much the same as it was back in the 13th Century when so many of us suffered just to get food on the table! Today. Billions still do...For God's sake! Open your eyes!.. or not... Self awareness given by our Living God, is a gift granted from on high! And, yet is also very full of restrictions and responsibilities for each human born in His image. Those who have been granted sight and who have accepted God's desire to stand true, will be moving on.

Those who have been given great favor from on high, and who were bequeathed the greatness of many worldly possessions and then failed the Son of Man via deceptions; lies, greed or cowardice shall not go forth, but will surely fall by the wayside onto dry and parched soil.

Finally, for all the multitudes, who were birthed and who found themselves on parched and hard earth, and then did suffer and die horribly, yet were of pure heart.... They shall gain a free pass to our Father's House.... Amen. That is my belief this day! 

When the blue sky falls grey and you can't find the way.
Open your eyes, you feel like you go insane.
You can't play their game.
Open your eyes.

This? life is game you'll play it with me
This? song is

Open your eyes.... replay as often as needed!

I hope, you all will all go out into this world and do something worthwhile... That is, please make your lives count for something! Make a plaster of Paris sculpture perhaps..

'This day and each day, I'm not only me.
I exist in a Universe made solely by Thee.
Living as I do, I arise each morn
Cleansed by pure dreams, my soul thus reborn..'

Not cut of a normal cloth.. rags doth suit me better in most people's eyes.

Do you wish to follow this rabbit hole...? 


  1. Beautiful voice on this young lady, good range too, very nice.

    1. You, Dave Chapman, have run this gauntlet. God Bless you!