Sunday, May 4, 2014

Burning in the Skies - Linkin Park

Welcome Net followers! If you're coming in from here...please expand this video.. And, do sit back and enjoy the show! If the video stalls.That be the Deep State@!
For the thoughtful out there - This video (so, not my video) - Is about 'US' (both meanings) and the 'Now' of this Day, and the Hiroshima's of our past and even perhaps our near future..

And, it's about what we may yet fall into... Please everyone, stop listening to the drivel fed to you by the Media and carefully look around with fresh eyes and an open mind! On this day...
'I stand before my God, a broken and useless hand
waiting for His redemption, in a sad land. 

For those who have died in the fires of callous wars,
We will be remembered, for ever more.

But, for those of us who stood idly by,
We all yet may see, another fire in the sky!'

Our Creator is not a he, she or it. (My thought).
But, is rather part of the very fabric of this universe we all live in,
whose bridge was Jesus Christ! Hey! Someone had to get tagged!
Get over it. Lots of plans and stuff yet for us to do...

After that, then we must all Collide!

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