Monday, December 3, 2018

What if your power went out for a week!

Your electric power. Out for a whole week. Impossible you might say. Well, it's happened in Springfield and not all that long ago when an ice storm struck the city in 2007. And it could happen this year, in almost all parts of Missouri! So, it might be best best to give some thought as to what you and your family would do in such an awful crisis.


You're at home, watching the Comedy channel and thus unaware of an impending winter storm that is forecast for your city! You ignore the small warning banners at the bottom of the screen. You are basically fucked and don't even realize it...

Then, suddenly, 'wham bam thank you ma'am', the lights go out and the roads quickly impassible. Worse yet, your weather radio (you do have a battery powered one right?) informs you that your power may not be restored for at least a week.

Now, alone in the dark, and growing desperate, you grab your cell phone only to see that it's almost out of charge. A glance out your ice-covered window revels an almost alien landscape with winds that are growing in strength. The temperatures are plummeting, the sun is setting and you suddenly need to consider your near empty food stores....


OK. So with any luck, we all may avert such a nasty scenario. Yet, it is still a good idea to be as prepared as is sensible. Make sure you have plenty of canned food along with such items a bagged potatoes. Have a Coleman stove along with some bottles of propane. Make sure your vehicle is gassed and has provisions in case you get stuck someplace. Have a 'get out of Dodge' plan to move to a safer location, like a hotel if things really look bad. Lastly, make sure to have a weather radio with batter backup on at all times. Be safe, be prepared!

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