Monday, December 10, 2018

Something to consider!

Back in the day, I can remember Anti-smoking groups who helped sponsor a 'Great American Smoke out' day when everyone was supposed to give up cigarettes for one day. And, while I'm not sure that ever proved itself to be something the greater good, I would like to see the concept revived when it comes to TIB or Technological Information Battering!


I would propose setting a day like Sunday aside EACH WEEK, whereby everyone who could would leave as many 'com' devices turned off, as possible. That would be TV's, online computers and cell phones. Off, dead and silent.

Just imagine getting through such a day! You'd get up on Sunday morning, your cell phone would be turned off, the TV silent and router disabled. Perhaps you'd go to church or maybe do some shopping or even visit with a friend. All those activities done in blessed tech silence! Yes, there'd be no news stories to get you riled up, no robo-calls on the cell phone, no time wasted wandering around the net or visiting social sites. Just oodles of time for each of us to try getting there heads out of their collective asses and re-taste life in a more puristic form. Why, I'd bet some of us might even view Sunday in a whole new light. a day of solid rest for mind, body and Spirit...


Kindle styled articles or books of interest
Sporting events seen on the boob tube
Books like the 1970 novel 'Future Shock'

And that would be it. Wow, just imagine doing that. Now imagine millions following along! Now, imagine everyone getting a life...

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