Tuesday, December 11, 2018

What weight problem?

'I never suspected that my later years would be best defined by just two things; a rapidly expanding waistline combined with an equally insatiable hunger!' DanO

If food feeds the soul, then I figure I must have one helluva spirit! That was my thinking on a mid December day as I prepared a lunch repast consisting of spaghetti and chili. And while these were the main ingredients in Cincinnati chili, I had elected to forego the 'frills' in favor a spoon that resembled a shovel.

As I was eating, I did reflect on the fact that this particular dish was not exactly 'diet material'. And, looking down, I could plainly see my abdominal region pushing against the table Yet, I was of good cheer, as I'd just purchased a book on how you can eat yourself sick and still loose the weight!

At first, I can say that I was a bit leery concerning just how one eat a lot of food and yet somehow shed all those pounds? Well, my fears were soon laid to rest as I thumbed open the book and glanced at a just few of the chapters....

Chapter 1: If you're reading this, you're probably desperate!
Chapter 5: Vomiting. How it can really work for you!
Chapter 7: Choosing the right friends! Preferably people who are much heavier!
Chapter 10: Cheap scales that will always show your 'correct' weight!
Chapter 15: Need to lose 15 pounds in just one day? E-coli to the rescue!

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