Friday, January 12, 2018

California beckons!

To all those who seek a new start in a country of plenty, I would give you California! I've even sent Jerry Brown a letter asking that he throw open his state to absolutely anyone in the world who would like to enjoy a free ride... You know, until they could really settle in to the Welfare concept and all...

Perhaps LA could erect a giant statue in their bay, with a large sign that would proclaim:

Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to enjoy the bounty of others! Come ye, the wretched refuse, the genetic slag, the malcontents, terrorists, crooks, hairballs and drug traffickers here to our LA shore. Oh wretched World, send the Golden State your worthless, most vile unto me, I lift my lamp of plenty beside that golden door!

I would even like to enjoin the State of California to possibly fund and develop a high speed free rail system directly linking South American countries, (with express service through Mexico) to select cities like San Diego, LA, San Jose and San Francisco. Trains arriving each day, like clockwork, loaded with teeming masses of the illiterate and the poor who could be dumped directly into American society and Gov Jerry Brown's lap – (I bet that the effect to the Calif economy would be sort of like a junkie injecting black tar heroin into his scrotum sack). Wow! Just think of the rush Jerry, not to mention all those brand new Democratic voters!

An aside: This article was not about the people of California, but rather what I feel are political and infrastructural issues that desperately need addressing! As an official sanctuary state, California thumbs its nose at the rule of law. Not a good thing for our Nation. I also made a glancing sort of reference to the Express train that Gov Jerry Brown promised would cost 30 billion, but which is now estimated at twice twice that amount, is behind schedule and is not supported by private concerns...

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