Monday, October 24, 2011

Critique: Marie Callender’s Balsamic Chicken was just so-so!

OK, so I’m now on the ‘steamer basket’ kick for a while! Actually, I like the concept; you nuke it, but it’s actually a steamed dish. That part is cool! But, at 400 calories a serving, I doubt I’ll have enough room for even a couple of cans of Miller Lite after dinner. Not cool!

I did like the idea of there being pasta in this dish! Actually, I tend to like any dish that has pasta in it. (I’ll even eat a meal consisting of just pasta)! I was also hoping spinach and mushrooms would taste pretty good too, assuming that is, that I can find them after the cooking is done! So, let’s see how this meal did, shall we?
Pkg Art:     8    I’ll admit it, the picture did catch my eye! Job well done!
Reality:      6    The steamer concept looks cool anyways. A little gimmicky perhaps!
Cost:          5    At $4 a shot, this entree is too little pricy for me!
Smell:        6    Just OK! I smell Asian here, not Italian!                     
Texture:     6    The pasta was over-cooked for my taste.        
Taste:         6    So-so – Too much of an Asian taste for me to get into!          
Average:    6    Take a left in the frozen isle and miss this one!         

Not the best meal I’ve had. Maybe it was the spinach or maybe it was the overcooked pasta or maybe it was the complete lack of anything oregano. I did eat the entire meal, but was not overly happy about the fact. My other negative was the high sodium content at close to a thousand milligrams. Finally, I was never able to find that neat looking sprig of basil I saw on the package.

Bottom line! While some of you out there may send me threatening letters saying how totally awesome this meal is, I did not share the sentiments. This one goes into my culinary trash bin!

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