Saturday, October 15, 2011

First day of a new diet!

To me it’s depressing enough to have to even go on a diet, much less find I’ve eaten 1200 calories by two o'clock in the afternoon. Now, I have the rest of the day spread out before me like some kind food deprived desert and strangely, I find myself thinking about one thing… more food!

This also about the time that I re-re-review my dietary guidelines and goals for like the third time with the thought that perhaps losing a whole pound a month was too optimistic. Maybe a pound every two months would be satisfactory. Or, how about if I try and only gain ten pounds and then really bear down?? OK, I’m not going there. Got to get serious. Weight loss is, after all, a tough business and in order to actually lose weight I will have to suffer. A lot!

So, today is day one and I have about 300 more calories that I can eat between now and…. 7AM tomorrow morning. What! Why that’s over 16 hours from now! Man, that sucks the big one. But, wait! There is a way out, of sorts. And that way is exercise! It turns out any work you do burns calories which equates to that much more food you can eat on a given day! So, a 160 calorie workout is equal to one additional Zinger you can stuff down your mouth! Truth be told, however, the idea is to exercise in order to burn that many more calories and lose weight that much faster. I, on the other hand, prefer the ‘live for today’ approach. That way, if I were to die suddenly, I at least got that one last meal in….

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