Sunday, October 2, 2011

Denmark slaps on a fat tax! Say what? We ain't fat Jack!

Apparently Denmark on this Saturday became the second country to impose a fat tax, leading consumers to hoard butter, pizza, meat and milk, AFP reports. That’s unfortunate in my view. Don’t they realize that the government is just trying to keep them alive?

The new tax, designed by Denmark’s outgoing government is reportedly an effort to limit the population’s intake of fatty foods while sticking it to the country’s obese populace at the same time. The new tax will add about $3 for every 2.2 pounds of fat in a product. Say goodbye to those Snickers and Ho Ho’s you fat slobs you!

This is just what the Obama administration needs to help bolster their flagging poles! A fat tax enacted under his Administration would surely go over well considering the fact that the majority of people walking the streets are beginning to look more and more like walruses in search of a zoo. See them waddle and see them sway!  By complimenting the already high food prices with yet another tax on ‘sweets and fats’, the government could begin to get a real hold around the throats best interests of its citizens in a manner they have not realized heretofore.

Should Obama have the cojones to enact such a law, I’m positive I would vote for him in 2012... just as soon as I finish my hoard of Zingers!

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