Saturday, November 5, 2011

When neighbors are rude it doesn't matter what reality you're in!

I have a small property (512 square meters) in Second Life which I visit from time to time. SL is a great virtual reality site where you can make friends, create and have a lot of fun. You can also have a lot of grief there too! Just as in real life, the avatars that exist there, exist in RL too. As such you might well find yourself with a neighbor that doesn’t seem to care much about common decency.

Here is a picture of my property (see my home). You’ll note it is hemmed in on all four sides by some type of construction. No big deal as I put up a hundred foot tower where my little avatar lives at the top of. But, all is not well. It seems the two houses (labeled 1 and 2) have erected ‘no pass barriers’ that my avatar cannot penetrate. I have to fly up pretty high to get over them is I want to visit a neighboring property. How Rude!

No I can’t do much about house 1 as there is never anyone there. The avatar’s name is AnitaK Larimore.  At some point, I’m hoping she will either abandon or sell the property. House 2, on the other hand is owned by a group called H2 Properties and judging from the member list (see pic) they are more than likely a group of brainless twenty year olds who don’t realize that they still have this place. Duh! Someone in this group decided to plant two trees that infringe on my property. Double rude! So, I decided that until such time as I can reach them to place two leaking toxic barrels that smoke right next to their house. Every once in a while the ‘winds’ blow the smoke right into their ‘love nest’. What fun!

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