Sunday, November 20, 2011

Uses for the adjective clandestine….

According to my dictionary the word clandestine is an adjective and means ‘kept secret or done secretively, because often the activity is illicit. As an example they give this. ‘She deserved what she got for these clandestine meetings.’ What? What the hell has this woman been up to? Call me curious….

Now for anyone out there who is unsure of what an ‘adjective’ is I’ll be happy to elucidate. An adjective is a word that describes a noun. So if I were to say ‘that was a sweet apple’, the adj would be the word sweet. So, a word like clandestine is always used to modify some type of noun. In the original example, the noun modified was ‘meeting’.

This brings me right back to that hussy who I'll just bet was out meeting someone's husband in 'secreto flagrato'. I’ll also bet you a dollar-to-a-donut that this sort of crap had been going on for quite some time. The clandestine bitch! No one likes or respects any women who sneaks around, although I understand that’s pretty much in the nature of the female beasties! She would have been better off sitting at home with her husband (who I can imagine is shattered over this) and minding her own business. No, this man-loving, sex-starved sociopath has no doubt wrecked a ton of families with her insatiable appetite for forbidden fruit! She aught to be hung from... Huh! What'd ya mean it's time for lights out??

The author of this post is currently residing in a rest home where he is said to be under sedation. The staff have also secretly removed his Ipad and have replaced it with an etch-a-sketch. A fact he seems to have missed entirely.

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