Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Random thoughts going into December...

I want my park back!

OK you OWS people thingy's. We get it! We're the ninety nine percenters. Most of us are poor and a tiny fraction are not. You made your point and now I'm bored with the lot of you. Just more talk like those guys in Washington when what we really need are men and women with solutions Now, go pack your things and get out of my park you losers!.

Look in the mirror...

What do you see America? Maybe a little too much flab here and there? Men, is it getting harder and harder to see your penis? Actually, many of us Americans personify our government to a tee. Way too many are overweight to the point of being obese. The solution for both is to stop consuming, burn off the excess fat and start embracing the term frugality. The thing is, this will require we get off our butts and get down to some real work. Are you up to it America? Or, should I just order us up another box of Zingers and Twinkies?

What neighbor?

How many times have you dropped over to a neighbor's house recently? None! OK then, how many of your neighbors can you name by their name? Wow! Well then, perhaps that's a hint. Put down the smart phone, close the laptop and turn off the TV. There's something waiting outside for you right now! It's called a community. You know, people talking directly to people. Something that's been missing in Washington for years. Or, am I wrong? When was the last time you talked face to face with your representative in Congress? Well, what about over the phone, then? Have they even sent you an Email for chrisakes? I rest my case.

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