Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Critique: McDonald's McRib

 "Dieting is a strict regime of self-denial that suffers periodic sweet rebellion."

It occurred to me shortly after posting a humor-slanted post on ‘McDonald’s Big Breakfast’ that I have been negligent in this area. After all, the banner for my post does refer to ‘reviews on fast food’! Well, it’s time to make amends and what better place to go to than the ubiquitous King of Junk Food – our friend McDonald’s! Yes, little bobby, it's time for another dietary rebellion!

After perusing the menu over the top of the order counter, I elected to go for the McRib, a meal I haven’t enjoyed for many years. I can still remember, though, like it was yesterday just how great this sandwich tasted. And, in the world of nutrition, you can most always equate ‘good taste’ with ‘bad got you’! The McRib fulfills this prophecy to a tee; its chocked full of calories that will bitch slap your metabolism, even while loading you up with enough salt to make Morton jealous. A McRib with a small fry and a diet coke comes to a diet busting 730 calories and 1,140 milligrams of sodium. (Almost a whole days worth of both). My eating this baby meant I better make friends with salads for the next few meals, less it be time to much up a full size in clothing, again!

But, what about the taste of the McRib? I’ve never discovered what component or combo thereof make this offering so darn good. I suspect the tangy sauce may have something to do with it. (Maybe they secretly add a dash of opium to the recipe, I’m not sure). All I know is I could eat one of these every day for years and not get tired of the experience! Adding to the envelope of culinary sensations are the warm French fries which I like to dab in ketchup. Smellicious! The only downside with fries; a small serving is like eating just one Lay’s potato chip. Very hard to do! The only saving grace to my culinary extravagance on this day of gluttony was the diet coke!

So, how do I score the McRib meal? Easy, it gets a solid 10 on taste every time! Just watch out for all those calories my friends.

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