Friday, November 18, 2011

I’m tuning out Washington DC until next fall!

I have officially had it with the men and women who currently run this country in Washington. I have decided to drop out of following the news until election time rolls around this coming fall 2012. At that time, I will be voting for fresh faces only (no Democrats and only new Republican or Tea Party candidates) and will write in Ron Paul for president even if he is dead! My level of absolute disgust has risen so far, I really can’t deal with these idiots anymore on a day to day basis!

My take on things is that the end of the Republic is now fully assured. It’s only a question of time as to when it falls. Perhaps with the injection of some hardworking fresh faces in the House and Senate, we might be able to forestall the end for another year or two, but certainly no further than that. Make no mistake, the United States is going to fall, and when it does, much of the western world will go with it. 

Was this the ‘Big Plan’ all along? I’m honestly don’t know, but the horse has left the barn so there is little point in trying to close the door any more. For my part, I plan to hoard some food and to look for places I could go when the death of America happens. I would suggest every able-bodied American do the same.

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