Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What makes an eatery special.

Let's face it, some businesses are better (more successful) than others and that goes double for restaurants. Whereas other business entities may sell you only a product or service, the food trade is where it gets really personal. And, that can be really really good or not so good! Eat a bad meal at one burger joint and you'll know to avoid that place in the future. (Eat something really toxic and you'll end up in a pine box with only your Aunt Edna coming to visit your plot every other Easter). So trust becomes a big deal, which you exercise, each and every time you elect to try that fish special swimming in warm tartar sauce.

Now, having said that, and assuming that your meals are safe to eat, what differentiates one venue from the other are a host of visuals and 'smellables' that may or may not appeal to you personally. For instance, the word ambiance has been mentioned by me on a number of occasions, but what does it really mean?

In my latest book 'Eating Below the Belt', I talk at length about ambiance and why it plays such a big role for frequent diners. For me personally, the term includes not only the visual layout of the place, but also the smells wafting in from the kitchen and even the appearance of the patrons that are present at the time. Let's look at two examples, shall we?

Now, how would you feel about going there to eat as opposed to....

So, yes! The visual ambiance is VERY important, as (it would seem) is the establishments name!

Also, of major import, is how the place smells. What hits your nose should be wholesome and enticing to the senses; a veritable potpourri of delicate flavors that ratchet up your desire to eat there. Compare walking into Desserie's where you immediately smell the light and savory touch of a vegetable soup slowly simmering on the stove, along with just a hint of pasta sauce; against that of Betty's Organ Meat Emporium which literally wallops one across the head with the strong smell of liver and onions masking a not so subtle undercurrent of overcooked sauerkraut! I ask you now, which place would stir up your noodles?

As a final note, even the people that frequent a place where you go will have an impact on how you feel about your dining experience. Carefully inspect these side by side photo's and make your own decision. For myself, I happen to like going to Betty's and ripping my teeth into a mammoth juicy liver sandwich. Oh, and yes, that's a picture of me (on the left) getting ready for yet another organ meat repast! Bon apetite!

Everyone, please be sure and pick up a copy of Mr. Dingo's latest book entitled 'Eating Below the Belt', now on sale in book stores near you and on the net! DanO's book will carry you on a spell binding tour of the dark underside of the restaurant trade where he will also disclose some of the most disgusting and filthy secrets kept by restaurant owners everywhere! Once you start reading Eating Below the Belt, you'll only put it down so you can throw up! Inside his novelette, you'll find chapters on topics few people are willing to discuss with anyone other than their doctors:

Why is my food moving and should I go ahead and eat it anyway? (Chapter 8)
How to tell if the cook urinated on your food and what you can do about it! (Chapter 3)
Where did this steak tartar REALLY come from? (Chapter 5)
Why women find men with large stomachs extremely sexy! (Chapter 7)
What to do in case you split your pants! (Chapter 4)
Five ways to handle your 'front porch' in tight spots. (Chapter 12)

Yes, DanO (practically) guarantees you will be spell bound when you read Eating Below the Belt! A must read for every fatty and a real steal at only $24.95!

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