Saturday, February 15, 2014

Asteroid to make near Earth miss on Feb 20th!

Dubbed asteroid 2014 BR57, this mass of rock was just discovered by the Mt. Lemmon Survey (Arizona) on January 28, 2014. Little is known about its physical properties at this time although some evidence suggests it has a diameter of about 60 meters (about 200 feet across). It will get within 0.011 AU (4.3 lunar distances) on February 20 making for a too close for comfort approach!

Smaller asteroids like this one, are difficult to detect, and there are thousands of them out there in space. The cutoff size of what could cause major damage to Earth, such as a tsunami or an air burst, is difficult to state because it depends upon what the asteroid is made of, e.g., a metal asteroid vs. a soft one. Some sources put it at about 150 meters. 2014 BR57 is less than half that size...

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