Thursday, February 13, 2014

Critique: Ole South sausage links!

If you want to indulge your body in some fast fat, few things can top a pork sausage link!

This package of Ole South Pork Sausage Links caught my eye at a local grocery store and I purchased it even though just 8 links cost cost about a buck on sale. Normally, they cost $2.29, so I thought this a rather good deal. Nutritionally, they really suck as each sausage link contains 87 calories (most of which is from fat), 17 mg of cholesterol and 170 mg of sodium. The good thing is that they can be microwaved in just 40 seconds. So, I consider that to be pretty much of a wash!

Taste-wise, these links are OK to eat even if they are very greasy. This is the kind of product I'd pick up to eat only very occasionally or to have on hand to serve to friends I'm secretly trying to kill. I scored it a solid 7 and would recommend it as a sometimes item to serve with your scrambled eggs.


  1. Do you still produce the 3 lb. package of Pork Sausage Links,
    that sold at Droller Market store's?
    If so will you please let me know where it is sold.
    The product in VERY GOOD.

  2. my family love Ole South Sausage. I wish it was sold in more locations near me. It give me the old down home memories.