Saturday, February 15, 2014

Indoor humidity in winter all important!

Humidity levels averaged out at 32.6% over this 5 day stretch!
When the temperatures take a dive in the winter time, the humidity levels in my home tend to take a nosedive! Over the course of time, I've figured out that anytime the relative humidity drops below 30%, I will begin to experience problems with my nasal passages drying up and, oftentimes my throat will become sore and scratchy! A real bummer if you're trying to get some sleep! According to one source, you should try to maintain levels of 30-40%!

The problem is, keeping humidity levels up to at least the mid thirties requires a heck of a lot of water vapor! In a recent test I performed, I determined that a Duracraft humidifier I was using in my bedroom (size ~ 1600 cubic feet), was putting out over a gallon of water every day! That's a heck of a lot of water vapor for just a 13' x 15' x 8'  cubic feet of space! And, even with that unit running at that rate of consumption, I was able to only maintain a 32% average.

Next year, I plan to install an even larger unit in my bedroom area so as to insure a good night's sleep!

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