Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My new and modified Paleo Diet!

After giving the standard Paleo Diet a good go for the money, I've decided that a life without at least some dairy and bread products was just not for me.

Last December, I embarked on a new 'natural' diet aka the Paleo Diet that consisted of the kinds of foods that our long distant ancestors ate for a million or so years! It consisted of fresh meats, fish and poultry, vegetables and fruits. What was left out was practically everything else! No diary, no breads or pasties and definitely nothing out of a can or box wit the exception of frozen veggies. This life style did have one perk – it made a trip to the grocery store a breeze. However, I quickly found that eating fresh also translated into eating myself into the poor house! My grocery bills had skyrocketed and with other rising costs in my life (Obamacare), I quickly realized that I would have to either abandon or quickly modify this approach to healthy eating.

To that end, I decided to make do with a mixture of both approaches. That is, I would keep eating a lot of fruits and vegetables (assuming they were on sale), while also not shunning the occasional sandwich or glass of milk. Still on the 'severely limit' list were such items as processed meat and any of the canned goods that are mostly packed in salt.

So far, this modified approach seems to be working for me. As far as weight control, I learned long ago that it doesn't matter what you eat just so long as you control the amounts you eat! For instance, whenever I have stir fry or pasta (two of my favorites), I make sure to weigh them down to the gram to make sure they are fitting in with the overall number of calories that I can consume for the day. In my particular case, that's about 1600, assuming I also exercised on that day.

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