Sunday, February 23, 2014

Steak and eggs at home!

Going out to a restaurant for a breakfast of steak and eggs is a snap! You just go, order and then shell out a wad of money! Eating same at home presents more of a challenge...

To me, a true 'steak and eggs' breakfast should employ the following ingredients at a minimum:

Eggs, preferably sunny side up
Hash browns

My home version is a bit different, but the feel is about the same. For the steak, I had a six ounce filet Mignon that was prepared in a George Foreman grill., a single egg prepared sunny side up, silver dollar or circle fries (I don't own a deep fryer and they are also healthier for you) and a slice of regular white bread for the toast.

British dollar fries
This whole deal goes together rather quickly with the fries taking the most time to cook. To make them, I heat up a little olive oil in a frying pan set over high heat. A single small russet potato is peeled and then sliced into small silver dollar shapes. These take only a moment or so to brown after which they are placed on a paper towel and lightly salted with a salt substitute. That same pan is then wiped clean of any extra oil, the heat reduced to medium and to which is added the egg and steak strips.

Interestingly, this meal hits on a number of good points; it's cheap at only about $3.75 per serving, a good item for a person on a diet at just 508 calories and fairly nutritious overall as you can see from the nutritional panel, pictured above!

So, who needs to eat out when you can do it yourself at home?

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