Saturday, February 8, 2014

How lucky?

Lucky me, I got a flu shot, some weeks ago, and now I have caught the flu! Well, perhaps this bug will treat me in  a more kindly way as a result. All I know is that I feel terrible and can only wonder at how I might of felt without that damn shot!

How lucky for my little town. It's been colder than most of Alaska and soon everyone can look forward to ice skating on Swan Creek, as the arctic conditions look to be staying awhile longer!

How lucky for everyone in the US, that our President Obama-the-Man  is still on his throne! And, would you just look at all the progress he's made! In just half a decade, even while struggling with that mean old Republican Congress, he hasn't lost the faith! I feel your love oh Great One and, oh my goodness, we have three more years of your inspired rule yet to come!

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