Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Critique: Healthy Choice Chicken & Spinach Alfredo!

At $2.79, this 220 calorie offering from the the folks at Healthy Choice has a lot going for it! There's some chicken chunks, spinach and penne pasta – all three of which are up there in my 'like' department. Oh. and that Alfredo sauce isn't too shabby either!

Healthy Choice offers this TV style dinner as one of their line of seven 'Baked Taste' recipes that is actually prepared in your friendly (and fast) microwave. And, at just 241 grams in total wright, you aren't really getting all that much food, (which is another good reason to eat stuff like this if you are trying to diet). In addition, there is only 550 milligrams of sodium to deal with which makes it a low salt item as well. So, overall, I would give this meal high marks in terms of overall nutrition.

As to the preparation, that's also a breeze. It's a 'slit it and nuke it' affair on high for about 4 minutes. I like any TV dinner that has such few instructions. (If I see the words 'stir and reseal', I generally will give that item a pass). Not so with this meal deal or the other offerings of like venue. They're all easy to make. High marks, and smiles, all around.

After nuking this meal deal, I sat down and gave it the taste test. Hmm, the aroma was excellent and everything was hot and very tasty. Most importantly, the pasta was fairly close to al dente – something that the folks at Banquet have never seemed to get a handle on. I think we have a winner here! This meal got a score of 8 on a scale of 10 and yes, I will be trying the other varieties.

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