Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Making pasta a part of any diet!

This pasta meal came in at only 487 calories!
If you're like many Americans, a good plate of hot pasta is a must have meal as it is considered a comfort food by most. The problem is you also have to be careful due to the calories. Not with the pasta! It's only four calories per gram – it's the pasta sauce that can hurt. Alfredo sauce, for instance, is practically a heart attack in a bite! A much better way to go is to make your own low calorie – low salt sauce and then make sure you stick with small portions!

Pictured above was a filling meal I consumed just this morning. It was comprised of 70 grams of pasta, 47 grams of a homemade sauce that contributed only about 130 calories. With a glass of 2% milk the total came to just 487 calories! I also kept the sodium levels low by substituting Ms. Dash for the real thing!

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