Sunday, February 23, 2014

The rising cost of beef!

A plate of steaks graced many a dinner table in the 50's!
Buying a good steak, these days, can be problematic for many Americans! What used to be almost a  dinner tradition is now a increasingly expensive and sometimes had treat! The problem being that beef prices, over the years, have continued to climb from what many considered reasonable to not so reasonable. This at a time when more of us are unemployed, working fewer hours or trying to make a food budget stretch with a shrinking dollar!
This small 8 ounce fillet cost $4.50 in 2014!

I can remember, back in the 1950's, that a good porterhouse steak cost just about $.95 a pound.So, a good steak meal might set you back about $3. And that was considered an expensive meal back then!

Today, feeding a family of four steak could easily cost a provider over $30! 

Not that this applies to working folks. If you happen to be on welfare, then you can probably afford lobster!

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