Saturday, November 14, 2015

America reacts!

In response to the carnage witnessed over in Paris, the President has placed all America on a HEIGHTENED ALERT STATUS! Obama has also issued the following directives and advice to take effect immediately:
  1. Obama has ordered the TSA to make airline passengers go through the scanners TWICE, prior to boarding. That should work out well....
  2. Obama has DRAWN A NEW LINE in the sand, daring ISIS to cross it! Well, he did!
  3. Obama wants NYC to go on full alert! You know that city with a police force that doesn't give a crap. [Also Ferguson MO is locked down to prevent potential rioting]!
  4. Obama will immediately ask Congress for MORE MONEY! Billions of which will go to the 50 special forces on the ground in Syria to enable them to train a few kurds in the fine art of retreat and surrender. What?
  5. Obama plans to make himself much harder for terrorists to fine. (Rumors place him on a golf course somewhere for the duration of his term).
Remember citizens, if you see a terrorist charging at you...DUCK AND COVER, DUCK AND COVER! Uh wait, wasn't that for something else??

Editors note: I fully understand the gravity of events unfolding all around the globe. But, if lose our sense of humor, then we can only become grim and of sour disposition.

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