Sunday, November 22, 2015

A quiet Thanksgiving repast!

Lord, on this day of special thanks,
I pray you hear a simple man.
Lord, the world outside my door trembles.
On the brink of, I know not what.
Lord, please bring forth a true leader
who might heal the wounds of a troubled earth!

I'm fairly certain that on November the 26th, a large majority of Americans will be sitting down with loved ones to a royal feast as the nation celebrates the bounty that is the United States of America.

Some citizens, maybe more than you'd think, will be working that day and night. No matter what the day or time of year, essential men and women working in an assortment of jobs like police officers, medial technicians and other commercial concerns (to name a few) will be reporting to work while others enjoy an extra day off..

In the rest of the world, some three billion human souls, I'm told, exist on less than $2 a day. You can bet that their grand 'turkey feast' will be much, much more muted... (For some finding any morsel to eat would be a celebration unto itself).

For my personal 'feast' on this 26th day of November, I plan to enjoy a very simple fare consisting of some sliced turkey, mashed potatoes, brown gravy and maybe a slice of white bread. (Could I afford more)? Sure, but I'd rather spend this Holiday thinking about our great Republic and thanking God Almighty for the chance to be born and raised in America!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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