Thursday, November 12, 2015

It's depressing to be depressed!

One of the pitfalls of living in the 'information society' we all currently exist in, is how overwhelming it has all become. Whether it is cell phones, computers or pads, the staggering array of devices we now sport, insure that we are continuously 'future shocked' about to death! And to add insult to injury, getting informed is addictive, especially among the younger citizens. If you doubt this, just get out and observe the young set. I'll bet a dollar to a doughnut, any kid you spot will likely have their faces buried in a smart phone! While they are pursuing a a virtual social life, the real thing is passing them by!

I would contend that all that information, impacting our central nervous system for most of our waking hours, can have a depressing effect over time. Personally, I've begun to try and wean myself off the addiction by making what I hope are a few intelligent moves;

  1. I gave up my smart phone for a dumb phone.
  2. I limit my time on my computer to just a few hours per day.
  3. I try and keep the TV off during the morning and evening hours.
  4. I try to get out more and to interact with others.
  5. Most evenings I sate my addiction by reading a good book!

And guess what, my personal periods of depression have begun to shrink! Sure, I may no longer be fully aware of what is 'happening now', but in the full course of time, did it ever really matter?

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