Thursday, November 12, 2015

Critique: Banquet's new mini meal offering!

In past posts, I've often hammered the Banquet brand, and for good reason. This critique will also be along the sames lines. Sigh..

For lack of a better descriptor, I'll call these products from Banquet, Mini Meals. This particular meal deal was billed as a Salisbury steak with mac and cheese! Oh yummy! Interestingly, that 'steak' is comprised mostly of chicken and pork! So, it might be better termed a 'Salischicknpork' patty. Not sure how well that would fly...

The directions are pretty easy, as is the case for most of the Banquet offerings. Slit the film, nuke for two minutes, open the film and stir and the seal and nuke for two more minutes. See! Easy sleezy. At just 300 calories, you'd think this would be a pretty good tasting diet meal. And you'd be correct assuming you were like fifteen years old. If you're an adult and one that is concerned with your salt intake, then take a major pass! This small meal deals out about 50% of your daily sodium allowance! And, yes! That's why it taste pretty good! Add enough salt to crap and it might be edible....

Bottom line, a 7 score for taste and a 0 for health. You could this stuff, from time to time, just don't bet your life on it!

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