Wednesday, November 4, 2015

McDonald's Quarter Pounder! An old man's perspective!

I've come to the hard won conclusion that eating food from McDonald's is best left strictly to the young and the able bodied! Twenty somethings can easily shrug off the boatload of calories, salt and saturated fats that comprise so many of this venue's offerings. Aging wrecks, such as myself, not so much so...

After arising at my normal hour of 11AM and performing my limited exercise routine; going to the bathroom and getting some breakfast, I was ready to get serious about what I was going to have for lunch! Yes I'm old, retired and sport a rather large gut these days; a sad requiem to a more svelte shape now gone by! But, knowing that did not stop me from visiting what I like to call the Emporium of Salt, aka McDonald's!

On what was a crisp November morning, I had gotten it in my head to go and enjoy a Quarter Pounder with cheese along with a medium order of French fries. (I would have ordered the large fries, but wanted to make at least a token effort at being nutritionally responsible). So, of course when I ambled up to the counter that day, I ordered the 'extra value meal' which included a Coke and a large French fry! [Hey, at least I'd given that physical accountability thing a try]!

After paying for and then gathering up my culinary prize, I moved over to a table, only to remember that I had forgotten to fill my cup and also pump a little cup full of ketchup for my fries. (As I shuffled back to do this, I got knowing smirks from the other ancients scattered around the joint). So what if I get easily distracted these days... sue me!

Finally, with everything now in order, I was able to sit down and enjoy my burger, sip my Coke and munch on a few fries. (Heaven quickly descended upon me like a soft cloud). Now, after reaching a form of satisfied contentment, I gazed around at the other tables which were populated by a mish mash of humanity. While there were a couple of youngish looking customers scattered about, most were molding old derelicts like myself. A closer inspection made it plain to me that none of them looked to be in very good condition either. (Not surprising considering where they choose to eat)! I would swear one lady even looked to be dressed in her pajamas with wild hair to match. I'm guessing it must have been casual Wednesday.

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