Sunday, November 8, 2015

Critique: Bean with Bacon soup!

I was somewhat surprised to find that many individuals out there don't think they would like Bean with Bacon soup! That is, until I remembered a time in my distant past that my dad made me eat some for lunch. after that I was hooked on the wonderful taste and texture!

As with most soups that emerge from a can, BwB is easy to fix for a fast lunch and the cans store well in the cupboard. At about ninety cents per can and figuring you can make up two hearty meals, it is therefore somewhat cost effective if your on a tight budget. Nutritionally, you get about 140 calories from a half cup serving. There's little in the way of saturated fats (1g) and the cholesterol is also a very low 5 mg. The only fly in this culinary ointment is the sodium content. It comes in at a whopping 980 milligrams, and no matter which way the debate is currently raging about salt in our diets, I just don't feel comfortable with the high amount!

As I said earlier, fixing up a batch is simplicity itself; just dump a can into a small pot, add a can of water, heat to boiling and she's ready to go! Please give this a try and see if you don't also make it a regular staple at your home!

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