Sunday, November 8, 2015

Well, this country's seen worst times!

Perhaps it's just me, but over the past few year's, under the Big Mac Daddy's lordship things seem somehow no right. Now don't get me wrong, I actually like that big old queer-ball aka Barrack Obama. He makes for a great comedian and can get me to laughing right along with him, as he muddles his way toward the end of a long and lackluster pair of terms in office. As a matter of fact, the biggest joke of all was that we elected this nut-job twice! (It's like we just couldn't get enough of a dose of abject failure and had to have just a little bit more). Well, now we're all positively gagging!

So, here we are, circa 2015 with just a couple more months to go. And, as I look around myself I've taken note of a few of the more obvious cracks in the Republic's foundation:
  1. The economy is limping along like an old man trying to get a bowl of free soup back to his table. My bet is he doesn't quite make it.
  2. My money is shrinking faster than a salted slug courtesy of the Fed diluting its value for nigh on seven years!
  3. As more and more of the Baby Boom generation stagger into old age, there is exactly zero jobs offered to them, that is if you don't count mopping the floors at a local McDonald's.
  4. Like flies to shit, the flow of the desperate souls across our southern border is increasing as their lives in Mexico and South America are even crappier than here at home!
  5. The rise of extreme homosexuality, atheists and the mentally disturbed is almost as alarming as the number of hardened drug dealers Obama just let out of prison!
  6. Illegal aliens are being handed life on a silver platter while honest to God Americans are being shuffled to the back of the bus.
  7. There is no money left for major entitlement programs no matter what the media or political spin is; Listen carefully to the General Accounting Office and read their lips! Do it again!
  8. The media no longer reports the news, they make up the news to suit their personal agendas.
  9. The healthcare system is in complete disarray and that trickle of sick souls that are currently being rejected by their physicians will soon become a tsunami flooding and then overwhelming our emergency wards. Eventually, the government will respond by asking us to 'just deal with it'!
  10. Sadly, as a nation, it appears we are preparing to elect yet another corrupt Democrat into office perhaps so that we might show the world just how incredibly dumbed-down we have all become.
I could have gone like that on for some time, but I'm sure my dear reader (I have only one), can come up with a few cracks and potholes of their own.

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