Sunday, November 8, 2015

Random Thoughts for November 2015

Posting in the 21st Century is troubling for lots of reasons. At any given micro second, here in 2015, there are hundreds of millions of words, blogs and mindless texts being created by would be authors who toss their creations out into the ether we all know as the Internet. The vast majority of which, like sperm striving to impregnate some intellectual egg, will ultimately fail and be rejected by an unfeeling digital matrix. (I completely understand that reality and personally have billions of dead sperm words lying stillborn about my feet). Still, I rise up each day, and hit the keyboard as though it was a blushing virgin and I an anxious teen.... Well then, let us go bravely forward...

Mediacom, just a symptom of the times or a full blown Internet disgrace?

When one finds oneself intimately [or at least contractually] associated with an Internet service provider, (which is all too often the only Internet provider available), well one might take a pause before dissing said partner in print! Truth be told. I no longer really care. As the recipient of substandard service over a protracted period of time, I've grown very accustomed to inferior or substandard performance. Even the simple act of writing out this blog entry was subject to problems.

But, I do dwaddle and so apologize to my very few readers. Let me now get to the real meat of this issue. (For as I have been often told, the meat is sweetest as one gets nearer to the bone of an issue).

Mediacom is really just a simple phone company. Did you know that? That's how the government classifies them, at any rate. They are licensed under the FCC, and are charged with providing  reliable Internet communication. Ah, but as Shakespeare might well have intoned, there is a rub. Q: Is their concept of the word 'reliable' the same as mine or yours? Put another way, are they providing the very best service they can or, are they performing a crude balancing act? You know, where you max corporate profits even as you test the patience of your subscribers to near a breaking point! And, are you charging very healthy corporate fees while riding on the back of an antiquated, rotting and aging digital infrastructure? Good questions to ask. After all, wasn't it President Obama, who boldly promised America a better and faster Internet for all in 2008? I dunno. Personally, I've become pretty disgusted with this group over the past decade and suspect the problems I experience are shared with many of the other providers. What say you?

Fox News! A media gem surrounded by really horrific advertising!

I get it that the stuff that comes over my TV daily is politically massaged by whatever station I happen to listen to. It's fun, at times, to switch my channel to MSNBC or ABC or CBS or even CNN which tries to look like a politically centralist channel, so damn hard, it makes one cry. And then there is the Fox Channel - a real gem in that they seem to actually try and be fair in what ever story they happen to be 'reporting'. I mean, they even have token Left leaning commentators who are black for chrissakes! What's more fair than that?

But, let me get right to the chase! Of all the media reporting channels I watch, none are as insulting as the sheer advertising crapola put out by Fox. I find them to be either insulting (pills for that special moment), degrading of the poor (what's in your gold portfolio), or downright scary as a cadre of pharmaceutical propaganda machines attempt to convince you that you must take their Cadillac crap.

And, sadly, this media outlet is offering a GOP debate - you know men and women candidates that may dictate your future if elected - only people like me will not have the ability to watch it on my cable TV as Mediacom doesn't feel like offering it as part of a basic package to the like of me... nope, I'd have to pay for a premium service package. What the fuck is wrong with you people that you are letting a bunch of bat wing leftists take over this Republic?

[More on this topic later in a later rant].

Hillary marches boldly on!

In truth, I secretly respect Hillary and those humongous balls she must have hidden somewhere under her skirt. The word scandal clings to her persona like a second skin. These days, she's like some insane General marching madly down a hill in WWII, filled with exploding bombs and whizzing bullets! The women appears almost magical. And should she become our next President, I will die laughing!

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