Monday, November 2, 2015

Random thoughts for November 2015!

Surviving a trip to McDonald's!

I was going to write about how wonderful it would be to visit my local McDonald's and sit down to a meal consisting of a Big Mac, medium fry and diet Coke. But alas, my common sense got a hold of me just in the nick of time! At 880 calories and 1160 milligrams of salt, they gotta be jacking me! No way Jose am I going to do that shit!

So, I settled instead for their plain Jane .89 cent burger (480 calories) and a small French fry (150 calories). (While that caloric total was still up there for someone on a 1500 calorie per day diet, it was manageable). In addition, the cost was not through the roof as I elected to do the drive through and not order a beverage that was basically a glass of water with flavoring. My total came to just $3.55 with tax.

By the way, this very same burger cost only 15 cents not so very long ago...

Could someone just please just shoot Obama?

It's not that I'm advocating an assassination attempt here. No, I'm thinking more along the lines of saving this poor creature from the dawning realization that there will be precious little to place on the walls of his Presidential Library, when he retires in another year. Personally, I cannot think of one thing Obama has done over the course of seven years that hasn't turned into a complete and utter shambles. I would therefore ask for anyone to please advise me of some of his accomplishments as I'm a total blank on this subject...

Mediacom, the gift that just keeps on giving!

I like to look upon Mediacom as though it was an onion. Lots and lots of layers! And like that game Whack a Mole, just when one problem gets solved, another seem to always pop up. What fun.

Recently, I spent over two weeks with absolutely terrible Internet service while everyone at Mediacom stood around scratching their heads. After much investigation by a goodhearted tech, we discovered the problem was with their cable modem. (They had replaced two of these and both proved to be defective).

Finally, the addition of a different modem unit cleared the problem up. Things then went swimmingly... for a couple of days anyway. Then, a new problem 'popped up'. And this time, it seems that it may never get properly fixed as it may stem from a case of simple network congestion. (A problem caused by overloading the existing cable bandwidth with too many subscribers)! A good example of how this works is the way in which the airlines like to overbook their flights. The end result being that a lot of would be passengers end up at terminals cooling their heels. The same analogy works here as the end result is a really slow network connection. (A problem that is all the more aggregating as I currently pay extra for a faster than normal bandwidth)!

Will Mediacom ever improve? More than likely, the answer is no. At least in the areas where they enjoy a virtual monopoly. You know, like where I live, for instance. [Note: Refer back to the second story here. Does anyone remember how a younger Obama promised a better Internet for all back in 2008? Like so much else in this era of Hope and was all smoke and mirrors...]

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