Monday, February 13, 2012

Adkins would have loved this!

The 'evil meat' is back there hiding among the good veggies!

Now, this being my millionth year of dieting, I’ve discovered that while a small amount of bread is important in any diet, you need to limit it if you want to lose weight! Those bad old carbs!

So saying, I have come up with a hamburger that is 'sans buns' and all the calories that go with them. This ‘bun-less’ hamburger meal is comprised of a small xxx gram all beef patty, steamed broccoli, carrots and a bit of  steam potato in place of the French Fries! Here’s the nutritional breakout:

Click to enlarge
At 423 calories this was definitely a filling meal, but as a result I should be able to avoid snacking during the afternoon hours. Because I’m using a salt substitute, the sodium comes in really low also. Actually, the only fly in the ointment is the high cholesterol level, but I figure that’s offset by the very low carbohydrate level. And keeping the carbohydrates down is what the Adkins Diet is all about!

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