Friday, February 17, 2012

Critique: Freschetta’s Pizza by the Slice!

This is just not right!
By the slice! And, a perfect slice at that! I’ll tell you one thing I can see coming right now. Nobody, but nobody can eat just one slice of pizza. That is unless it’s really horrible! And, as for perfect? Well, they’re setting a mighty high bar!

Another interesting thing about the Freschetta web site; no mention is made of the product I’m reviewing here. Yeah really! What’s going on with that?

I’ll forgo the normal scoring grid and whatnot on this dish and get right to the meat of this review.

1)      The pizza tasted pretty sweet actually. Not a good thing for a pizza to be doing. 
2)      The coupon on the inside of the box was expired! This begs the question as to how long this item has been sitting around in the freezer section of my store?

Bottom line: Game over! Zip up your fly and go home! I plan to avoid this particular item in the future and have forwarded a complaint to the folks at Freschetta! Note: A week later I got an email which did not address the problem with quality, but did promise a 'discount replacement coupon'. I wonder. Did they even read my complaint? Not sure I plan to ever use them or it in the future.

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