Friday, February 24, 2012

Let's face it - We're all a nation of dingbats!

The TV and my toilet – Twins!

Whenever I catch myself watching too much TV these days, I mentally want to smack myself up the side of my head! BAD BOY! I think to myself. With life being as short as it is, why an I wasting my time in such a mindless way? The entertainment channels no longer amuse and the media controlled 'news' is anything but news. Even the presidential debates have become something of a running joke. Did you catch the recent debate in Arizona that was sponsored by CNN? Not one question was asked about many of the major challenges that face this nation. Instead, I guess the burning issues for Americans everywhere must center on the candidates sexual preferences. Like how they felt about birth control or condom use for instance. Questions such as those were asked often and to all the candidates, while the real burning issues we all face like unemployment and even corruption in our government were left untouched. Housing problems? Hey, Arizona has been gutted with foreclosures and yet how many questions were there that addressed that very important issue? How about! Who is CNN really trying to protect here, I wonder?

Mr. President – Let's see you talk your way out of this one!

Ever since Obama took office, he has been the Teflon Don! Nothing sticks to this man! Not the economy, not the war, no not nuthing! It's always the same old song and dance. His 'just look at the mess I inherited,' lament has been repeated so often and by so many of his supporters, perhaps it should be engraved above the entrance to the White House! But, now the screw has finally turned. Gasoline, Obama baby. It's all about the gas. And, this is one God awful mess that has your personal socialist and environmentalist stamp all over it. I'm gonna watch very closely this summer, when the national average tops $4 to $5 a gallon to see just how you try and dodge this bullet!

Opps! Ron you were right! Iran is clean after all!

Turns out that our intelligence community is now backing up something you've been saying all along! In a leaked report to the LA Times, it seems classified documents indicate that 'Tehran is not currently seeking to build a nuclear bomb'. Well golly and gee willikers. After listening to all the other candidates lambasting you on this issue, it must give you a little sense of satisfaction to hear this news Ron. Hey, perhaps. Just perhaps, you're not crazy after all...

The thing is America, you've been had by the media. Iran has played the fake nuke card very nicely and the media ate it up like candy. In the end this country now looks, well quite frankly, we look a little hysterical to much of the rest of the world. It'll be great fun, however, watching those presidential hopefuls do the 'dingbat back-peddle'. That's a new dance were you consistently go backwards in the eyes of the voting public. Everyone, that is, except for Ron...

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