Thursday, February 16, 2012

Will soaring gas prices spell the end for Obama?

Let me see now, if I recall the day President Obama was inaugurated, the average price of a gallon of gasoline was $1.84. Today that average stands at $3.52 (for regular) and is said by some experts to be rocketing upwards towards $4 or $5 by this summer! That’s an increase of at least 90%!  Hmm.


Since Obama took office in 2008, oil production in the US has declined from an average of 9 millions gallons per day to 5, most of which is due to increased regulations imposed by…you guessed it Obama and his ‘No Energy for America’ stand.  

Today, this world stands on the brink of war with Iran over….oil! And, America, you have one man to thank for the troubles coming your way. I give you Barrack ‘Insane’ Obama!

Just remember Mr. and Mrs. Middle Class Citizen, when you are spending almost as much to get to work as what you make from working, which Party got you into this mess. And, while I’m certainly no advocate for the GOP these days, even they would be a breath of fresh air compared to what the Democrats have done to the nation in just three short years.

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