Thursday, February 2, 2012

Make money without doing anything! Hey sign me up!

or maybe not! The headline screams!

Single Mom Makes $7487/Mo Without Selling Anything

Wow, I think. I’m into that! I’d even be even more into making money without doing anything at all. (Oh wait a second! That’s what the government is for)! But what about this deal? Is it real or just another in a host of impuissant internet come-ons?

After clicking on the link, I was directed to another link directing you to ‘Online Profit Masters’ – a site that immediately asks for your name, telephone and email address. All before they offer up even an iota of information. (That's two red flags in a row)! Hmm. Think I’ll perform due diligence and check these people out first.

After a brief search on the internet, I came up with this article by Reviewopedia; a webpage that (supposedly) reviews at-home money making opportunities. (Can you tell my level of trust is close to zero these days)?

This review seems to lean towards marking this particular offer as a ‘linking posting scam’ setup. Interestingly, however, some of the comments at the end also indicate you can actually make some money working at this venture. My thought is –who cares. You’ll work your butt off for a few bucks when you would be better off writing resumes and seeking work with a bonifide real world company. And yes, it is my understanding that many corporations are now making room for disabled individuals to work at home.You might also check out the GoodWill Organization.

The bottom line is ‘proceed at your own risk’! Just remember the old saying that ‘if it seems to good to be true….’ Oh, and one other point. Apparently this ad is also inserted as a Trogan Horse in emails that is then sent to your friends. Not cool!

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