Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Internet crud scams plague Mozilla! Here's one fix!

If you are browsing the Internet and suddenly a screen like the one above pops up, you are the victim of a criminal scam attempt. Do not call the number – you'll only dig yourself in deeper. What I do is a two stage process. First, I would hit Control Alt Delete after which I select Task Manager – I then right click on the Firefox icon and would select 'End Process'. That will force close the program.

Next, I would go to the Control Panel and select 'Uninstall Programs' – I would then select Mozilla Firefox and would delete it. Next, I would click on the Firefox icon that was the program I originally downloaded when I install it for the first time. This will install a fresh copy of the program which should be scam free – Note: when the program launches, it will ask if you want to resume – Do Not select that! Go for a new session...

Finally as a precaution, I will run an antiviral software like Malwarebites just to be sure....And, I would make sure to file and internet crime complaint with the FBI.

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