Wednesday, September 13, 2017

A lunch only a dieter would love!

After losing a number of pounds on my way from 200 to 170, I had a chance to reflect on just how bad my lunch menu had become...

It was a Wednesday in September that found me at the dining table looking pensively downwards at a plate of 'food'. Hmm, let's see here; there were 4 thin slices of roast beef, a mini salad with some dressing composed of oil and vinegar. (Not what I'd call an inspiring culinary creation). However at just 182 calories, it reflected the seriousness of the times for moi. And no, not all my meals had been this poverty stricken. I'd actually had a few occasions to go out and commit food harikari by going to emporiums, like McDonald's, where I have even ordered a Big Mac and fries – God help me! Those type of insanity were reserved for once a month indulgences only done to preserve my sanity.

But, for this day, it was a few mouthfuls and I was done until dinner time.

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