Monday, September 18, 2017

Time for a change of air!

For many years I frequented a couple of bars that satisfied a couple of my needs; 1) they were close by and 2) they served beer! Now, even though I grumbled from time to time about the prices, I still enjoyed the social interaction that only a bar can offer to an old bachelor...

Sadly, that long time habit was going to have to change a bit. You see one of the bars is a smoking allowed establishment, while the other is not. One bar has lots of clean air swirling all around, while the other one is so polluted that I have to strip my clothes off after even a short visit. That bar was going to be 86'ed by me in favor of the cleaner one. Breathing clean air has become something I more and more strive for, especially in light of the findings from organizations like the CDC, The American Cancer Society and the AHA.

An aside: I have many good friends that smoke - heck, I used to go through 3 packs a day myself.  I just want a few of them, who might read this post, to understand the risks from here onward. I quit smoking many years ago and can attest to just how addictive the habit is....

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