Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Shadowrock Park open?

New bridge to be erected just off to the right of this picture!
Forsyth Mo. - I was able to drive through the popular Shadowrock Park near the town of Forsyth recently and it seemed non the worst for wear, in spite of being flooded for over four months!
Shadowrock playground

While most areas were a bit dusty, it was nice to see grownups and kids using the park facilities once again. Fishermen were also out in some numbers using the boat ramp on that side of the lake. River Run, on the other hand was still a bit inundated with flood water and was closed. It was important to note that the campsites in both parks remained closed, pending cleanup of the premises.

River Run was still flooded out!
I had to wonder, however, what sort of negative impact that the building of a new bridge was going to have, especially next spring when construction would be in full swing? That's always assuming that the area doesn't suffer through flooding spring rains such as were seen in 2017!

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