Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Random thoughts for September 2017!

C's Pizza and Bowl-O-Rama!

Forsyth MO. – Call it divine inspiration, drunken meanderings or just an old brain that is short circuiting. Whichever is true, a thought came to me one afternoon while sitting on a bar stool at one of my favorite watering holes....

It is well know that the owner of Charlie's Steak, Ribs and Ale is planning on changing its name to C's Pizza and Pub or some such nonsense as that. OK, so it's gonna become a pizza joint that serves booze on the side. I can live with that. But wait! What if they were to throw in a nice bowling alley and then change the name to C's Pizza & Bowl-O-Rama Pub thingy or CPBORP for short? Now that would be something for the small town of Forsyth to be really proud of! You could meet your friends for a quick game, down some pizza, get drunk and then stagger on home. What fun! I can just hear the young people saying, 'Hey! How about we scoot on over to Sipborp's for a quick throw of some balls?'

The FCC and the Internet!

Washington DC – Whenever things get a little crazy and everyone is sure that the public attention is on other stuff, departments like the FCC like to make their best moves. When it's not attacking net neutrality, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is currently pushing a second proposal that could also limit internet freedom. It seems that Ajit Pai who serves as Chairman of the United States Federal Communications Commission has introduced legislation to impose new and more stringent restrictions on what is defined as 'broadband', which devices use it and at what speeds! According to a letter submitted by some politicians, 'such a striking change in policy would significantly and disproportionately disadvantage Americans in rural, tribal, and low income communities across the nation'. Just another example of your government working hard, while you sleep....

That Bull Shoals Bridge Project!

After years of delays, floods and other red tape, MODOT is finally getting ready to move on the building of a new bridge over the Bull Shoals Lake on Hwy 160 just to the south of the city of Forsyth Missouri. And, while I'm sure there will be some problems taking the form of traffic delays, I had to wonder about a line in a local paper. It that stated 'During the last two weeks of the project, Highway 76 will be closed so the new bridge can be connected with the existing road'! Hmm, I wondered, with that critical artery closed, just how in the world will commuters and emergency vehicles get from one side of the rive to the other? This is scheduled to happen just about one year from this this post in the fall of 2018. Should be interesting....

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